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Created the Plugin Generator to support multiple banks without additional team scaling

Increased the development speed on 35%

Shortened Business Owner’s time on the project from 1 day to 2 hours a week

Decreased the support time from 3 days to 1 day

Technology Stack:

eCommerce Software:

Refactored code according to SOLID, KISS, and DRY practices

Covered 40% of most valuable parts with Unit Tests

Implemented automation deployment via GitHub Actions

Designed and developed Plugin Generator, Hosted Credit Cards, and Accountancy-Store synchronization

Developed from scratch Shopware 6 and CCV Shop SaaS plugins

Conducted 3 successful Code Marathons

2.5 years of successful custom development and support


Made delivery expectable and in time

Setup Quality Control and Assurance from scratch

Increased the development speed on 20% thru standardization of code practices

Technology Stack:

Made the full project correspond to SOLID, KISS, DRY

Migrated the whole CRM/CSM application from pure PHP to Laravel

1.5 years of successful custom development and support


Achieved the business goal of delivering slot game every 4 months

Developed a slot game that hit the top 20 world best games

End-to-end developed a Zombie Shooter RPG game with one developer on own engine

Technology Stack:

Custom designed and implemented 10 tools that increased the development speed on 20%

Took a part in development of world wide MMO RTS with peak online of 80 000 per day

Build own engine, assemble custom techstack, and successfully developed online top-down shooter on it

Conduct direct communication with players